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Native Mind is the most potent & pure Cognitive Booster powder available for memory, focus & nerve health – and beyond…💡🌟🧠

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Plus, 🚀 It Imrpoves your mind and Increases your Memory & focus with this all-natural brain-boosting Drink

Native Mind Adaptogenic Drink Mix combines Organic lion’s mane with powerful adaptogen botanicals like rose hips and rhodiola into an easy-to-mix powder form that can be enjoyed in hot or cold beverages.

It’s tastiest when added into hot water or warm milk.

Each sip offers nourishing notes of peppermint and a sweet floral fragrance that will soothe your body and mind.

To experience the full benefits, it’s best enjoyed in the morning or afternoon – when you’re using your brain and body most.

However, there is no caffeine or stimulants in Native Mind, so you can sip it in the evening as a calming bedtime tea.

researchers discovered that supplementing with the forest fruit resulted in improved memory and cognitive function – provided it’s taken consistently.

That’s why we believe Native Mind to be the most important supplement you can take to maintain total mind and body wellness.

All-Natural Ingredients:

The clinical results of the “forest fruit” lion's mane are nothing short of astonishing…

Just imagine feeling the mental “sharpness” you once felt in your earlier years…

Having more “aha” moments, and feeling more articulate…

Never again having to worry about forgetting names or where you put your keys…

Or the “doomed” feeling of your memory is just going to get worse…

What’s more: being able to relive and enjoy precious memories with loved ones.

And with every dose of Native Mind Adaptogenic Drink Mix you take, you’ll feel less stressed and more confident in your mind and body.

That’s just how effective our Native Mind Adaptogenic Drink Mix is.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

If any of this sounds like the future you want to wake up to, the time to act is now.

Because you simply can’t get this level of purity and potency anywhere else.

At this point, you're probably wondering the best way to incorporate this magnificent adaptogenic mushroom drink into your day?

While lion’s mane supplements are available as capsules, extracts, and gummies, the most effective and fast-acting way to take lion’s mane is in a drink mix powder form.

Furthermore, you can enhance the brain and body benefits of lion’s mane supplementation by adding stress-relieving adaptogens such as rhodiola and rose hips to your daily routine.

When you’re under stress, the body and mind can’t work properly.

That means… in order to get the full brain-boosting benefits of lion’s mane – it’s mission critical that you also take adaptogens along with it.

That’s why we’ve included both of these adaptogens with lion’s mane in our premium Organic Native Mind Adaptogenic Drink Mix.

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We believe in the quality of our products, which is why we offer a Risk-Free 365-Day Return & Refund Policy.

And when it comes to improving cognition, we believe Native Mind Adaptogenic Drink Mix to be the most superior adaptogenic blend to do just that.

But don’t take our word for it… 

The research shows clinical improvements in cognition and memory in adults ages 50-80 years of age after just 8 weeks of use. 

Just imagine the relief you’ll feel knowing that with each delicious serving, you’re supporting a sharper mind and memory… Not to mention, healthier pain-free nerves. 

That’s exactly what you’ll be getting with Native Mind Adaptogenic Drink Mix.

And while we believe the research speaks for itself – we still want you to feel safe and secure with your purchase. 

That’s why if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your results in your first 365 days, simply reach out to our friendly Customer Care Center for return assistance. 

Rest assured you can order with confidence in knowing that your purchase is backed by our 365-Day Feel Good Guarantee. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most lion’s mane supplements only contain lion’s mane.

The problem with this is that if the brain and body are under stress, it can be challenging to experience the full benefits of lion’s mane.

That’s where adaptogens can help.

Native Mind not only contains a potent dose of 100% Organic lion’s mane, but it also contains stress-relieving adaptogens – rose hips & rhodiola – to reduce stress and further enhance mental clarity, focus and nerve health.

Our blend is gently dehydrated into a powder mix with a light, floral taste with hints of peppermint. Enjoy in hot water or your beverage of choice for a soothing brain-boost.

Our best value and most popular quantity is our 6 bag package which you will get at an unbeatable price of just $22 per bag.

Plus, with a 6 bag supply, you will have more than enough Native Mind to use continuously every day without worrying about running out.

Each bag of Native Mind Adaptogenic Drink Mix contains 30 servings.

The easiest and most delicious way to use Native Mind is to add your serving into 8-12 oz of hot or warm liquid, such as water or milk, and gently stir.

Many of our customers add a scoop in hot water and enjoy as a soothing morning or afternoon tea.

However, because there is no caffeine and no stimulants – you can also enjoy a serving of Native Mind in the evening as a calming elixir before bed.

Many of our customers notice subtle results as early as their first week. However, more profound results are experienced with prolonged use of lion’s mane with adaptogens. For this reason it’s smart to stock up on a larger supply of Native Mind so you can experience the full benefits without the risk of running out.

You can expect to receive your orders within 7-10 business days

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Many of our customers begin to see and feel a difference shortly after adding our potent lion’s mane adaptogenic Native Mind formula into their daily routine. However, we want to make sure there’s absolutely no risk involved when it comes to investing in any of our NativePath products.

That’s why you can try Native Mind for an entire 365 days and if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, simply contact our Customer Care team to begin the return process. Rest assured, you can complete your order today knowing that you’re protected by our risk-free “Better Brain In 365 Days” money-back guarantee.

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